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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Aikido - The Coordination of Mind and Body for Self-defense

Aikido - The Coordination of Mind and Body for Self-defense
By: Koichi Tohei

Book Summary:

This is the U.K. edition of the staple text often titled "Aikido: The Arts of Self-Defense", originally published in the early 1960's by Rikugei Publishing House. The U.K. spelling of "defence" is used in this edition. The two titles are basically interchangeable, as this book has been edited and reprinted numerous times in both hardback and softcover. The book contains descriptions of warmups and ki exercises, as well as descriptions of some basic techniques. Well-illustrated.

Souvenir Press, London (1996)
ISBN 0285633570
174 pages

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ki in Aikido

The concepts of "Ki" as taught in Ki Society Aikido schools is not easy for westerners to comprehend. Outside of the writings of the founder, Koichi Tohei Sensei, it is hard to find an available or readable book which explains Ki to westerners. This book presents step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations of ki exercises and testing technique. It teaches the internal secrets of Aikido and other martial arts; the relationship between mind and body, body and spirit; and a rationale for positive, creative living.

C.M. Shifflett "Ki in Aikido"
Frog Books | 1998-02-03 | ISBN: 0965342530 | 256 pages | PDF | 7,3 MB

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Free Downloads eBook Martial Arts Collections

100 Deadliest Karate Moves (Martial Arts).pdf
A. Kim - Ninja Mind Control (Martial Arts).pdf
Aikido - Pressure Points (Martial Arts).pdf
Aikido - The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting (Martial Arts).pdf
Andrew Nerlich - History and Philosophy of Wing Chun Kung Fu (Martial Arts).pdf
Ashida Kim - Ninja Hands of Death (Martial Arts).pdf
Ashida Kim - Secrets Of The Ninja (Martial Arts).pdf
Benny Meng - The Origins and History of Shaolin Weng Chun (Martial Arts).pdf
Benny Meng - Understanding the Wing Chun Punch (Martial Arts).pdf
Bruce Lee's - Chinese Gung Fu (Martial Arts).pdf
Bruce Lee's - Speed Training (Martial Arts).pdf
Bruce Lee's - Strength Training (Martial Arts).pdf
Bruce Lee's - Training Secrets (Martial Arts).pdf
Bruce Tegner - Pressure Points (Martial Arts).pdf
Don Pentecost - Knife Fighting Manual (Martial Arts).pdf
Dr. Ted Gambordella - Mastering the Bo (Martial Arts).pdf
Dr. Ted Gambordella - Mastering the Knife (Martial Arts).pdf
Dr. Ted Gambordella - Mastering the Sai (Martial Arts).pdf
Dr. Ted Gambordella - Mastering the Staff (Martial Arts).pdf
Dr. Ted Gambordella - Mastering the Tonfa (Martial Arts).pdf
Dr. Ted Gambordella - Mastering the Yawara (Martial Arts).pdf
Dr. Ted Gambordella - The Complete Book Of Karate Weapons (Martial Arts).pdf

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Traditional Aikido: Sword, Stick, Body Arts

Free Download eBook Morihiro saito Vol.1-5

Traditional Aikido: Sword, Stick, Body Arts, Volume 1-5 By Morihiro Saito


Morihiro Saito "Traditional Aikido: Sword, Stick, Body Arts, Volume 1, Basic Techniques"

Japan Publications Trading Co (1974-07)
ISBN: 0870402668
135 Pages
52 Mb

Free Download eBook vol.1

Morihiro Saito "Traditional Aikido: Sword, Stick, Body Arts, Volume 2, Advanced Techniques"

Japan Publications Trading Co (1974-07)
ISBN: 0870402676
180 Pages
52 Mb

Free Download eBook vol.2

Morihiro Saito "Traditional Aikido: Sword, Stick, Body Arts, Volume 3, Applied Techniques"

Japan Publications Trading Co (1974-07)
ISBN: 0870402870
139 Pages
54 Mb

Free Download eBook vol.3

Morihiro Saito "Traditional Aikido: Sword, Stick, Body Arts, Volume 4, Vital Techniques"

Japan Pubns. Inc (1974-12)
ISBN 0870402889
165 Pages
67 MB

Free Download eBook vol.4

Morihiro Saito "Traditional Aikido: Sword, Stick, Body Arts, Volume 5, Training Works Wonders"

Wehman Brothers (1989-06)
ISBN: 0870403729
146 Pages
64 Mb

Free Download eBook vol.5

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Liu Jin Sheng. CHIN NA FA: Skill of Catch and Hold.

The book "CHIN NA FA" was written by Liu Jin Sheng in collaboration with Zhao Jiang. The first edition of the book was issued in July of 1936 as a manual for the Police Academy of Zhejiang province. The book was printed by the publishing house Shan Wu in Shanghai.Techniques of CHIN NA include a wide set of various movements: press and blows on vulnerable points, grappling, strangling, throws and so on. That set of movements (impacts on the enemy) allows to realize the following methods: "Separation (tearing) of muscles and sinews" (FENG JING), "Dislocating (breaking out) of bones and joints" (YU GU), "Suffocation" (BI QI) and "Impacting on points" (DIAN XUE). Also, those methods must be used skillfully, not just with brute force. Both army and police always attached great importance to this art. The introduction to the book says: "Initially this skill had several names: FENG JING FA - "The technique of separation (breaking) of muscles and sinews"; DI TANG FA - "Methods of combat when lying on the ground"; YU GU FA - "The technique of dislocation (breaking out) of bones and joints" and CHIN NA FA - "The technique of catch and hold." At present the name CHIN NA FA has predominantly become established. Totally, there are 72 methods. The ancient manuscript calls this skill DI SHA SHOU - "Devil's Hand". Specialists in WU SHU say there are 36 "big" and 72 "small" points on a human body. 36 positions, 72 positions and 108 positions (techniques) are also marked out in CHIN NA FA. That traditional division has been maintained till now since long time when our ancestors created the theory of CHIN NA on the basis of the conception 36 TIAN GANG and 72 DI SHI. But actually, that is only a tribute to tradition that has no great practical significance.

Download eBook PDF 4.6 mb
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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Art of Aikido:

Principles and Essential Techniques by: Kisshomaru Ueshiba


"A core, seminal reference and a 'must have' for any student or practitioner of Aikido." -Midwest Book Review "The Art of Aikido is a compilation of Kisshomaru's writings that provides the reader with a deeper insight into both the spiritual and technical dimensions of Aikido. Kisshomaru's clear explanation of the philosophy and techniques, and the hundreds of dynamic photographs taken from above showing the EN movement (the concept of circular integration), and depicting the author and his son Moriteru carrying out the techniques, making it possible for all practitioners, from beginner to master, to fully understand the practice of Aikido." -Aikido Journal
"...The black-and-white photographs are dynamic, many of them showing a sequence of movements from above..." -Choice Product Description

Aikido is a modern Budo founded by Morihei Ueshiba after he had mastered many traditional Japanese martial arts and engaged in profound spiritual training. Morihei maintained, "In true Budo, there is no enemy. True Budo is the function of love. A martial art solely concerned with winning and losing is not true Budo. Victory is to thoroughly rid the mind of contention and conflict within ourselves."

This book was composed by Kisshomaru Ueshiba, Morihei’s son and successor as the Second Aikido Doshu (the person who embodies the spirit of Aikido as inherited from the founder and is its living symbol). Morihei himself taught Aikido in archaic, esoteric language, and limited his instruction to a select few. In order to introduce Aikido to the rest of the world, his son simplified its philosophy and arranged the techniques so that it would be possible for any serious trainee to practice this martial art. Aikido is now practiced in eighty-five foreign countries—a testament to Kisshomaru's achievement. The Aikido ideal of "refining one’s mind and body to foster a spirit of harmony" has obviously struck a common chord among the peoples of the world.

This book is a compilation of Kisshomaru’s writings on Aikido. It will provide the reader with deep insight into both the spiritual and technical dimensions of Aikido, and explain its central features—ki energy, breathing methods, posture, among others. The book is detailed with many dynamic photos, depicting the author, and his son Moriteru (present Doshu, and the author of The Aikido Master Course), carrying out the techniques. It is a work that all Aikido practitioners, from beginner to master, will want to acquire.

Product Details

* Hardcover: 176 pages
* Publisher: Kodansha International (August 13, 2004)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 4770029454
* ISBN-13: 978-4770029454

Free Download eBook PDF - 8.7 Mb

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tonfa Tactics - Ted Gambordella

This is one of the most comprehensive books ever written on the Tonfa. This books shows it all. Blocks, Strikes, Attacks, Counters. With a special section of Street Techniques. The Tonfa is carried by most of the police in America, but they do not KNOW all the techniques found in this title. Dr. Gambordella goes into great detail on exactally how to use the tonfa in the most effective way. He show defenses against nunchaku, bo and staff. As well as multiple attackers. A must have for any student of weapons

Free Download 6.25 mb

Tonfa Tactics - A Strategy for total defense
Black Belt in a Box | ISBN: N\A | edition 2001 | PDF | 89 pages
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